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Instrumental and Vocal Music

Courses Offered:

Vocal: Music I, Music II, Black and Gold Choir

Instrumental: Cub Band, Concert Band, 7th grade Orchestra, 8th grade Orchestra

Contact Information:

Courtney Williams, Vocal Music

Voice Mail: 816-986-1499 ext. 7024

Jacob Crawford, Band

Voice Mail: 816-986-1499 ext. 7848

Adrienne Worstell, Orchestra

Voice Mail: 816-986-1499 ext. 7541

David Tourtellot, Strings

Voice Mail: 816-986-1499 ext. 7562

Materials and primary resources used within the department

Published octavo and instrumental music, school and privately owned instruments, extra resource materials such as videos and recording equipment, recordings and computer projects.

Departmental goal(s)

Our goal is first and foremost to create beautiful, interesting, and instructional MUSIC. In the process, we build character, cultural awareness, and musical skills that transfer to other areas of curriculum. We also provide an outlet for student expression.

Department philosophy

We believe that every student holds the ability to create and enjoy music and can make the world a better place in the sharing of music.

Special projects and activities sponsored by the department to supplement instruction

Club activities such as Jazz band, Barbershop Club, musicals, Tiger Singers, Awards Assembly

Community activities such as performing for our Partners in Education Contests and clinics Honor choirs at local, state, and national levels

Combined activities with the high school