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Family and Consumer Science

Courses Offered:

Seventh Grade: Discovering Family and Consumer Science

Eight Grade: Living Skills and Personal Skills

Contact Information:

Sandy Mendenhall

Voice Mail: 816-986-1499 ext. 7785

Mary Nelson

Voice Mail: 816-986-1499 ext. 8506

Materials and primary resources used within the department

Textbooks, reference books, videos, computer programs, food models, equipment within foods lab and clothing construction lab

Departmental goals

1. Develop critical thinking skills to address life’s challenges.
2. Integrate and apply academic skills throughout the Family and Consumer Sciences curriculum.
3. Continue to acquire, implement, and integrate technology.
4. Enhance the curriculum by utilizing community resources and providing community service opportunities for all students.

Department philosophy

Mission Statement: “To empower students to manage resources while meeting the challenges of a changing society.”