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Athletic Director: Brian Linquist
Athletics Secretary: Mary McDonough
(816) 986-1184

PRIVIT – PRIVIT is our new online sports physical system. This account is needed only if your student will participate in athletics.  If your student doesn’t plan on participating in athletics, please don’t create an account.   If your student is planning on participating, please read through the attached document and create an account for your student through the link provided in the instructions.  This system will be where all physical information is stored for PLMS students.  All LSR7 high schools have used this system for many years with great success.


Link to PRIVIT:

PLMS Sportsmanship Code:

Lee’s Summit R-7 School District is a member of the Greater Kansas City Suburban conference and MSHSAA. As members of these groups we adhere to policies set down for the display of good sportsmanship by athletes, students, fans, parents, and patrons. Member schools enforce sportsmanship rules for their own school, players and spectators. Violation of rules can result in the following consequences: written reprimand, probations, suspension, ejection, or permanent removal from events. Consequences are in force for players, coaches, students, and fans.

All school discipline policies and rules apply to Lee’s Summit R-7 students at school activities whether they are held on school property or away from school.

LSR-7 Sportsmanship Code

For Players, Coaches and Fans

1. Maintain pride in self and school.

2. Strive to keep high standards of conduct.

3. Cheering is always encouraged for one’s own team.

4. Positive signs may be displayed for one’s own team.

5. Treat opposing team players, coaches, and fans with respect.

6. No noise makers.

7. No continuous standing unless spirit sections are designated.

8. Abide by the decisions of officials.

9. Accept victory or defeat graciously.