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Advanced Studies Course Descriptions

Advanced Studies Language Arts – 7th Grade
The units of study for the advanced studies seventh grade language arts class include the regular seventh grade language arts curriculum compacted into an accelerated form: grammar (subjects, verbs, direct objects, predicate nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions); paragraph writing; punctuation; identifying elements of literature through short stories, mysteries, folk literature, and figurative language. In addition to these units, enrichment activities such as novels (Fahrenheit 451, A Tale of Two Cities), writing and oration contests, speakers and culture trips are included as the opportunity arises. Students are encouraged to develop their own style of writing and to extend their reading beyond the classroom experience. Critical thinking will be emphasized through reading and writing.

Advanced Studies Social Studies – 7th Grade
Seventh grade advanced studies social studies students will study the eastern hemisphere from a historical perspective ranging from ancient times through the Middle Ages. An appreciation of the people and their religious heritage, literary traditions, as well as their artistic and scientific achievements, will be fostered within the students. Activities will provide students with opportunities to acquire and develop the skills of organization, research, and critical thinking. Emphasis will be placed on activities which show how individuals may affect the world around them.

Advanced Studies Science – 7th Grade
The seventh grade advanced studies science course addresses the same curricular topics as the seventh grade science course. Students will utilize scientific inquiry to learn about various topics within earth, life, and physical science. The course is taught in an in-depth and rigorous manner with a focus on real-world application. Embedded within the course are quarterly scientific literacy projects, an externally monitored long term research project, and a greater depth of knowledge in all coursework.

Advanced Studies Language Arts – 8th Grade
Students enrolling in advanced studies eighth grade language arts will be expected to demonstrate superior language arts skills, critical thinking skills, and commitment to task completion. The course is a combination of an accelerated language arts class and an enrichment language arts class including the study of grammar/usage, sentence construction, composition and mechanics, short stories, novels, poetry, and drama. Students will participate in the following enrichment areas: creative and expository writing, speech activities, research, and writing and oration contests. Whenever possible, field trips and speakers will be incorporated with these units of study.

Advanced Studies Social Studies – 8th Grade
Advanced studies American history students will master basic skills and knowledge of the time period between pre-history and 1890 including the concepts of history, geography, economics, and political science. Emphasis will be placed on critical thinking, problem solving, research skills, creativity, and higher level thinking skills. Students will engage in a variety of activities designed to enrich and extend their understanding of and appreciation for their American heritage. Such activities include the analysis of primary sources, biographical studies, field trips, projects, readings, research, essays, and in-depth discussions.

Advanced Studies Science – 8th Grade
Eighth graders in advanced studies science study all areas of science: physical, earth, life, and environmental. Topics in the basic curriculum guide will be covered in-depth with an emphasis on current and future technology. Labs are designed around the exploratory approach, with student teams designing and presenting their own unique results to the class. Program enrichment is provided by including speakers, projects, academic competitions, and research beyond the classroom.