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Tiger Homework Academy (THA)

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Tiger Homework Academy 

At Pleasant Lea Middle School, we continually work to provide the most effective programs that ensure your student’s success. Over the last few years, we studied the most current research and practices to design programs that best support our vision of nurturing our students’ progress toward becoming literate, life-long learners, and problem-solvers. 

Our goal is to ensure each student is learning all essential concepts. Tiger Homework Academy will hold each student accountable for completing each assignment and provide an immediate intervention for those that choose not to complete an assignment. If a student does not complete an assignment, he/she will be assigned a Tiger Homework Academy for that day (or the next morning if there is an important conflict.) Tiger Homework Academy will meet Monday through Friday from 2:30pm-3:30pm or 6:25am-7:25am (Late Start Wednesday 7:15am-8:15am). 

If your child is assigned a Tiger Homework Academy, you will receive a phone call from him/her. The purpose of the call is to inform you that he/she will need a ride home from school that day at 3:30. If it is impossible to provide transportation that day, you and your child will need to arrange transportation for the next morning. This phone call must be brief so that your child does not miss important time in class. In addition, the teacher will not be available to speak with you at that time; he/she will be busy teaching class. If you want to speak to the teacher, please leave a message on voicemail or email. 

During Tiger Homework Academy, your child will have the opportunity to complete the assignment. The assignment will be accepted by the teacher at the next class for full credit. If a student does not complete the assignment during Tiger Homework Academy, it will be his/her responsibility to complete it on his/her own time. If the assignment is not turned in at the next class, your child will be assigned another Tiger Homework Academy. At this point, the assignment may receive only partial credit. 

Since we understand that everyone has a bad night, we are providing each student with two Tiger Homework Academy passes each quarter. This does not excuse the student from completing the assignment, but does excuse them from Tiger Homework Academy. The assignment will be due at the next class period. Students who do not use any passes will be rewarded at the end of each semester. 

Each sponsor of an after-school activity or sport has developed a policy pertaining to Tiger Homework Academy. Sponsors will provide written information to all participants. 

We believe that our Tiger Homework Academy intervention will provide for the needs of our students by giving them the extra time and help they need to complete their assignments and learn essential concepts.